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School Attending/Graduated: graduated from Brooklyn College, now in the middle of my masters degree at Touro College for General Ed/Spec Ed. 1-6
Current Occupation: first grade teacher
Status: Married, expecting my first child March 1st.

Contact information:
Phone: 917-660-9763
Address: 2024 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn NY, 11229

What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016? The school taught me so many things in life. Although I was always independent, I often times made decisions based on other people’s decisions. Especially what is going on in Israel right now, I feel like my home is in the Old City and I’m supposed to be there.

My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel: Chanukah party… making our own Thanksgiving in the apartment… learning with Rabbi Barak Levy

alumnaebeteshSchool Attending/Graduated: I graduated Brooklyn college for my under graduate in psychology. I am currently in Touro College studying to get my masters in education and special education

Current Occupation: student. I also own a small baby moccasins company.

Status: married

Contact information:
phone -347-825-6685
Address-2225 east 4th street Brooklyn ny 11223

What midreshet eshel means to me in 2015/2016?
I still think of Midreshet Eshel daily! I miss every minute of it. We learned so much and we became such independent people. I feel that I grew so much religiously. I grew an everlasting love for Israel. And I grew up into a women as I learned so much and took on so many responsibilities. I credit eshel for all the achievements I am able to succeed in.
My greatest memory from midreshet eshel?
One of my greatest memories is living in the old city. It was a complete dream come true. I woke up in the mornings and walked to the kotel to pray ! Who can get to say they were able to do this for almost a whole year ! Another memory was then Chanukah party we had. All the teachers put together a skit enacting all of us students. It was hysterical. And all of us girls recorded a video called “A day at Eshel” enacting a day in the lives of eshel seminary students. It was so much fun and gave us a laugh !

alumnaefishbSchool Attending/Graduated: Yeshiva University Stern College for Women Graduated Sept 2013
Starting at Depaul Masters Nursing March 2016
Current Occupation: Medical Scribe at University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center
Status: Married
Contact information:
Phone: 916-801-7473
Address: 3420 N. Lake Shore Dr. Apt 12LM Chicago, IL 60657
What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016? Today I can look back to my time at Eshel and feel so truly that it was a place that I gained so much from, I was able to jump start my future there by having a year of time to devote to strengthening one of the most important things in my life… Judaism. I had such amazing, warm and caring teachers and fellow students who really added to the wonderful experience. It was the best spent year in my life. I feel it really shaped me to mature and grow in Torah and shaped me to be who I am. It alo instilled such a love and appreciation to our holy land Israel. Living in the old city in itself added such an amazing feel to it, being able to so easily wake up and walk to the kotel day after day was an experience I will never have again. I am so thankful to all the staff and hope to get back to Israel soon and visit!
My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel: There are truly so many!! I was there 2009-2010 the first year the seminary was around and we had so many amazing tiyulim that were so well planned out. One memory is commiting for the last month of seminary with a fellow classmate (Karen) to wake up each morning early before class and daving shachris at the Kotel. It was truly so special and we were able to have such a kavana that I hope to one day reach again!
Currently: doing Sherut Leumi in Mada
What Midreshet Eshel means to me? “Eshel was my introduction to Israel and Israel life”
alumnaefarraniStatus: Married , have one son who is 23 months b”h another child due this summer b”h <br>

What Eshel means to me in 2016? Finding myself and who I am spiritually, finding true friends to grow with, it gave me a meaning to learn about my culture. I needed Eshel in my life to make me who I am today, to have my friends I have stayed with me all the way! Best experience of my life.

alumnaeguillaSchool Attending/Graduated: graduated Dawson College, currently in Concordia University<br>
Current Occupation: Working at an elementary school<br>
Status: Single<br>
Contact information:<br>
Phone: 514 8937719<br>
Address: 5718 Wolseley, cote st luc<br>
Montreal, Canada H4W2L5<br>
What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016?
No regrets, best experience<br>

My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel: Living in the old city, People I have met; teachers and friends.<br>
(Current Picture with other sem girls from my year at Esther levy’s wedding)

School Attending: Touro University Worldwide
Current Occupation: Office Manager at Chayal el Chayal
Status: Married
Contact information:
Phone: 053-831-3670
Address: 12/8 Eliyahu Mani, Jerusalem
What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016? Eshel is a great place to learn, meet amazing friends, and gain independence and learning of Eretz Yisroel.
My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel: Climbing Masada with Miriam was the ultimate experience ever!!!

School Attending/Graduated:  Bar Ilan University<br>

Current Occupation: Studying Optometry  <br>

Status:  Single<br>

Contact information:<br>

Phone: 0535277196<br>


What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016? For me when I think of Midreshel Eshel I think of a place of happiness, of comfort, of adventures, of forever lasting friendships and most of all of new beginnings. For me Eshel is the place where my “new chapter” began. Eshel taught me the love of torah and of Erezt Israel. Thanks to my wonderful and fulfilling experience at Eshel instead of going back to my comfort and the place where I was born and raised, I decided to go back to my REAL home and to make Aliyah!<br>

My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel: My greatest memory at Eshel would be right at the beginning of the year when it was the last night of Slichot before Yom Kippur started. Having the luxury of living in the Old City we all went to our “backyard” the Kotel (which was two minutes from where we lived )where the big Rav Ovadia Yosef  and Rav Mordechai Elyiahou were reciting Slichot. I had never seen so many people in one area.There were thousands and thousands of jews, Orthadox, Conservative, Chasidic, Not Observent (etc) that came from all around the country just to be at the Kotel that night. I had never in my life felt such a strong and powerful unity everyone singing the Slichot together. It was so incredible and this was the moment that I had realized that there is no other place in the world other than Israel that Jews should be living in, and that one day I had to make Aliyah.

School Attending/Graduated: Graduated Fashion Institue of Technology with a Bachelors degree in advertising and marketing communications

Current Occupation: Freelance video producer and editor/creative at Chronicle Media Lab

Status: (Married? Children?) Married

Contact information:
Phone: 718-490-0589
Address: 2069 e 2nd street, bk, ny 11223

What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016?
In 2016 Midreshet Eshel means just as much if not more to me than it did in 2010 when I attended Midreshset Eshel. As each year goes by I miss it more and more every day. It’s been 6 years since my year spent in the old city and I am still learning and growing from the classes and experiences. I believe it was rabbi benharoch who told us that our year in Israel will be like an orange. In the way that we will forever be able to go back reach into our hearts and continue squeezing that orange for all the juice its got. At the time I didn’t truly understand what he meant, but now 6 years later I can honestly say that im still squeezing juice out of my year. That year spent in the old city shaped me into who I am today. I acquired so many different midot that I continue to build on every day. As I continue to grow in my life I know that whatever I do I will succeed and I know that I will never stop growing and learning torah and mitzvot because my foundation is so strong. That foundation was built in 2010 with the help of my teachers, newfound friends and of course, Israel which was basically my playground for one year. Israel and Midreshet Eshel have a special place in my heart and there is not a day goes by that I don’t think about one of the two.

My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel:
I have so many amazing memories but one memory that always stood out to me was the hospitability of the Israelis. Every Shabbat I would go out and stay by complete strangers houses depending on what city in Isarel I wanted to visit. Each and every weekend shocked me more and more as children gave up their beds just to host guests, mothers cooked special deserts for us, and the family brought us into their home as if we were their own. I think that says a lot about Israel and Jews as a whole. Overall, those weekends were all my greatest memories.

School Attending/Graduated: Attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Major in accessory design.

Contact Information:
Cell: 7328594889
Address: 4 Clark court, Oakhurst NJ, 07755

What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016? I attended Midreshet Eshel in 2012-2013. Even though 3 years have passed, my experience in Israel feels like yesterday. Eshel put me on a path of learning Torah, doing chessed, and taking on roles of leadership. I am still in touch with the life-long friends that I made at Eshel. It still amazes me that complete strangers became my family. I feel privileged to have spent a year with wonderful girls as well as wonderful faculty and staff.

My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel? It’s difficult to single out one memory at Midreshet Eshel as the greatest. The entire time I spent there is one huge memory. What u can say is that overall, everyday life was a dream. From the kotel just steps away, to classes at our fingertips, to a holocaust survivor living next door, and special events happening daily in the old city, we were truly blessed. Thank you to Miriam, Rabbi Benarroch, and everyone else involved, for making this experience something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.