Midreshet Eshel Women’s Sephardic Seminary is located in the heart of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, just a two minute walk from the Kotel (Western Wall).

The newly renovated dorm rooms overlook the beautiful Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. In weather permitting conditions , students learn outdoors on both the Mirpeset and roof top which offer breath taking views of Jerusalem.

The location makes the whole experience of learning in Israel that much more meaningful.


From the Rova Parking lot:

Turn into a Tunnel like entrance by the Sephardic Educational Center -Rechov Hatsotsrah. Turn left at the end of the alley and make an immediate right into Rehov Beit Hashoeva. Continue walking straight across the square to Midreshet Eshel building on opposite side.

From the Kotel:

Take the stairs up leading towards the Jewish Quarter . At the top of the stairs turn left by the lions onto Rehov Misgav Ledach. Turn right, just after 58 Misgav Ledach, go up two flights of stairs leading into Midreshet Eshel building.