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School Attending/Graduated: graduated from Brooklyn College, now in the middle of my masters degree at Touro College for General Ed/Spec Ed. 1-6
Current Occupation: first grade teacher
Status: Married, expecting my first child March 1st.

Contact information:
Phone: 917-660-9763
Address: 2024 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn NY, 11229

What Midreshet Eshel means to me in 2015/2016? The school taught me so many things in life. Although I was always independent, I often times made decisions based on other people’s decisions. Especially what is going on in Israel right now, I feel like my home is in the Old City and I’m supposed to be there.

My greatest memory from Midreshet Eshel: Chanukah party… making our own Thanksgiving in the apartment… learning with Rabbi Barak Levy