Students & Parents Speak

“Eshel provided me with all the tools I need to live my best life”
– Alicia Matsas (2021)

“Attending Midreshet Eshel will help you discover yourself, your true purpose and the presence
of Hashem in your daily life”
– Sylvia Cohen (2021)

“The person I’ve become after Eshel knows her purpose and understands the concept of being
a Jew , not only in practice but in spirit”
– Sarah Frastai (2021)

“At the Midrasha, I experienced an endless world of depth, opportunities and growth”
– Sophie Shabot (2021)

“Eshel changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. It gave me a guide to life and a
family of friends I will have for a lifetime.”
– Teera Ades (2020)

“Eshel was the real start to my religious and personal growth.”- Kayla Ebrani (2020)
“Eshel gave me the tools I need to become the best version of myself and live the best version
of my life.”
– Jamie Tawil (2021)

“I am currently going for my masters in Rutgers University for Math Education, while
simultaneously being a part of Melamedet, a wonderful program that trains girls in the
community to be Judaic Studies teachers. Having the unbelievable experience in Eshel not only
gave me knowledge, but skills that I continue to use in college, in Melamedet, and in my recent
– Judy Sitt (2020)

“Eshel taught me that it’s not just one year in Israel, it’s a year to the start of the rest of your life!”
-Eliana Namdar (2022)

“To me, Eshel is not just a school. It was and still is my home, where I met the people who changed my life forever, and showed me what it means to truly live a life filled with Torah.”
-Naomi Namdar (2020)

“Eshel opened my eyes to the beauty and depth behind the Torah and flourished my appreciation for learning”
– Sarah Levian (2022)

“Eshel not only supported all of my growth, but connected me to girls I now call my best friends from all across the world.”
– Marcia Shweky (2021)

“Eshel taught me how to recognize my strengths, while implementing them in every aspect of my life.”
-Hannah Benji (2022)

“Eshel is the place where I felt Israel truly become my home. Hashem became a part of my every day life through the beautiful teachings of Eshel’s unbelievable teachers.”
– Hannah Garby (2022)