Shabbat & Holidays

Shabbatot are especially enjoyable for the students as they experience hospitality in the familiar warmth of Sephardic families. Many times the hosts are people who have recently made aliyah from the cities that the students have come from and others that have been living in Israel for years. Students are made to feel like they are at home.

On a monthly basis, students enjoy an Midreshet Eshel Shabbaton in such places as Sefat, Ein Gedi, Efrat and of course the Old City of Jerusalem. These are especially enjoyable as students get to know one another even more while soaking up the especially spiritual experience of Shabbat in Israel.

Hagim (holidays) in Israel are a unique experience since the entire nation is celebrating these holidays together. There simply is no better place to be than in Israel from Rosh Hashana to Shavuot!